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Why VBeeJ for Java: Migrations Fast And Easy

Companies are moving from .Net to Java to take advantage of the open source platform. With the Java platform, you gain access to a wealth of reusable code, helping to lower development costs over the long term. But, before VBeeJ for Java, converting from VB.Net to Java has been a time-consuming and error-prone process.

VBeeJ for Java inclues a plugin architecture for implementing .Net services on the Java platform. When VBeeJ for Java encounters references to unknown types and services, it creates types, interfaces, and methods on-the-fly that satisfy references in the converted code. This is the basis of our powerful plugin architecture. Our free white paper has more details. Download whitepaper now.

Superior technology allows us to offer two migration options: Compile Only, or Compile and Execute.

Software and support save time

We ensure your success by providing superior support. This can include custom videos for your app (testing and setup), detailed documentation for your app, quick response to questions, Eclipse IDE help, and more. Read a recent customer testimonial.

VBeeJ for Java is an application that converts VB.Net to Java using a patent-pending and largely automated process. But VBeeJ for Java conversions are sold as a service. You upload the application you want translated to Java, and Beelucid does the rest.

The Beelucid licensing agreement protects your intellectual property, and the code you get back will compile. You save time because you do not need to learn the in's and out's of migration: we are the experts. Best of all, VBeeJ for Java is extremely affordable and fast.

Try VBeeJ for Java

Download the VBeeJ for Java free trial version today. With it, you can convert an unlimited number of source programs of 250 lines or less. You can also view the results of a one-click demo that shows you how successfully VBeeJ for Java can translate VB.Net to Java. The free trial version includes a built-in plugin adapter library and an open platform for building plugin adapters.

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