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Click to begin free trial download

VBeeJ For Java free trial installation includes:

  • A VBeeJ For Java converter.
    • Unlimited use for source programs of 250 lines or less.
    • All unknowns resolved!
    • Scales from a single class to whole applications.
    • A complete platform tool.

  • A click-and-run demo example suite.
    • One click to convert and run the suite.
    • With focus on Xml processing.
    • Demo creates the open source plugin adapter for .Net 2.0 Xml on the Java 6.0 platform.
    • VBeeJ creates open source Java for over 80 classes implementing .Net 2.0 Xml.
    • Inspect the converted example code and the generated plugin adapters.
    • Additional commands provided to convert and run the examples.

  • A built in plugin adapter library.
    • Implements .Net services on the Java platform.
    • All plugin adapters are pure open source Java and can be freely used in any Java context.
    • Plugin adapters can also be developed independently and loaded dynamically.
    • An open source gui tool to generate plugin adapters.
    • The free trial comes with an open platform for building plugin adapters.

  • Help files.

  • A VBeeJ For Java gui and a VBeeJ For Java jar file.

  • Click here to preview the free trial license agreement.

We also offer VBeeJ For Java conversion services

  • Your converted application will Compile and Execute.

  • Our service is fast and extremely affordable.
  • You save time and you can reuse your old code to lower development costs.

A downturn is the best time to check out open source Java!

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